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Updates on Jinsei Bby

May. 31st, 2016 | 01:07 am
Mood: tiredtired
Music: Lucklife - Namae wo Yobu yo

At last, the busiest time I've ever had in my life has passed. Being the head of a performer group is tiresome as hell for an introvert like me. Especially when more than half of the member is like that (-w-;). I almost instantly decided that I'm not gonna meddle with such job anymore in the future (if the future really does exist).
So, why did I become the head? Well, because people (as in seniors and classmates) kinda entrusted this group to me plus members voted me and voila. I was there for my responsibility. It was kinda pre-decided years before though, through gossips.
And because I'm the type that will do duties seriously when being entrusted.
It ended last year though, but I gotta make sure everything works fine and help my juniors if something happened. I feel like it (the monitoring(?)) is included as my duty too.

But yeah, it's all done now. My study too. Not done, but almost there.
I still have 3 classes to complete plus a thesis.
I thought this term would be a nice slow-paced term where I could finish my thesis and my college. But no. The world said no.
I was (told that I am) the number 1 candidate in the university for a regional speech contest. Yeah, lol. Me, doing speech. :|
Things happened and I ended up as the 2nd winner and thus being the contestant for the national contest. Good job, me. Ha ha.
My thesis? I haven't even touch my files since proposal. (;w;)
Besides, speech thingy is stressful enough for me. Thesis better not be in my head right now.

Okay, let's stop and write something else.

Lately my sleep has been disturbed by weird dreams. I think it started last year? I'm not really sure.
I used to sleep without dreams, or don't remember that I had dreams. Usually I had dreams only when I'm feeling down or anxious or stressed about something, and usually it was only a day or two. But lately it's almost everyday. And I'll wake up still feeling tired.
And lately, it's getting back again.....

At high school, I had this fright of looking people in the eye or even their faces. I often avoid eye contact, and when I had it worse I would just look downward all the time. Maybe this is the main reason why I can't remember faces easily. I did some research and I thought it might be part of social anxiety but I'm not sure enough. I don't even know if there is a name for this.
Since college days started, I started to try and do eye contacts when talking to classmates, and it slowly got better and better. Not actually gone, but so much better than how it was.
But it's getting back again lately.
Maybe it has connection with speech contest? I think so. lol

Well then, gotta sleep.
Can't sleep though. (>u<;)

Btw, haven't updated a lot of seiyuu things lately. Famous thing is famous, so I still be able to read big updates via facebook timeline. But no deep researches lately. No time, no energy. OTL
I miss the old days. TwT

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Lonely Christmas...

Dec. 17th, 2013 | 11:26 pm
Mood: depresseddepressed
Music: Ono Daisuke - Shinin' Days

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

After gone trough 2 years with Orepara in Christmas, I'd feel so lonely this year...
I have to pay my BIG debt to my friends so buying a DVD is out of question. OTL
I know it was never easy to find Oreparas but this time feels like no one shared it. I'm not blaming them I'm just... pitying myself to not save money for it. orz

It's announced that this year will be the last Mitchan's stage... WHY? (T,T) I should find this out. He must have told us the reason via radio and I must find this. I can't imagine Orepara without it's Mom. (T~T) And will he continue singing? I hope so...

Okay then, I'll just... cheer myself with the only Orepara 2012 clips I found on Tumblr.

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Sakamoto Maaya - Singer-Songwriter

Sep. 23rd, 2013 | 08:21 pm
Music: GRANRODEO - The Other Self (PV Short ver.)

Hisashiburiiii~ XD
Wow! What a very long interval from the last post! XDD ま、色々あってね~(笑)
This one is not-so-important post but I like this song so much, so why not? :D
It's from Maaya-chan's newest (mini-?)album, "Singer-Songwriter". I agree to every words in this song, and the tone is so simple and easy, so me~ (^w^)

It's quite a long time since the last time I translated a song.. I feel a bit off with this translation. :\ And so I'm hoping for corrections (in both Bahasa and English translation). I noted the romaji lyrics by ear, so please tell me if I got something wrong. :3
Even so, still, please credit me if you use these translation. I'd feel very happy if I know my works useful for someone. (^w^)

So, here it is~
Japanese (Romaji)Collapse )

Bahasa IndonesiaCollapse )

EnglishCollapse )

The part 'Tanoshii bakari janai kara tanoshii ikiru koto wa ongaku' is somewhat reminds me of one of Orepara concerts where Suzu said almost the same thing (in a different way). So, the question is, whose words is these? XD
Well, whoever it is, he/she is 鈴村夫婦

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Jun. 7th, 2013 | 01:32 am
Mood: lonelylonely
Music: GRANRODEO - Uso no Iro



ここからはハナの世界だ。Collapse )


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Apr. 14th, 2013 | 11:11 pm
Mood: calmcalm
Music: GRANRODEO - Crack Star Flash


I've been recovering my genki-ness after a full day of throw-away-all-of-your-energy-and-brains!! event at my campus on last Tuesday. It's called 知識 (Chishiki), from 知=knowledge/know and 識=test. Guess it by yourself. XD

There was a corner where each class had to do a talent show and my class decided to make a little danshiko-based skit and some dance.

I danced to a medley of Miku's Romeo to Cinderella, BtoB's WOW, F(x)'s Hot Summer Jap ver, SNSD's IGAB, Marumaru Morimori, and AKB's River. :v *it was only 4 mins though*.
Well, the point is, to prepare the things, decorations, dance practice, it was all done in a very short time so it drained our energy a lot. While in those times we still have classes and works to do.
Payed off though. 1st! Bravo guys!! :)

So, when weekend's finally arrived, I already planned what I'm going to do; Sleep, sleep, and rest. My body was totally lost to the bed.
And now here I am, ready to face Monday in an hour, listening to mp3s while searching things that I've missed these past weeks and downloading the life supplies~ *you know, stuffs (=w=)

I listened to some Kamen RadiRanger episodes this evening. And now I see why Toei put Kamiyan to pair with Suzu. They are true tokusatsu maniacs!! 0w0 It's fun to hear them blabbering and laughing with nostalgic feels, even though I can't keep up with Sentai(s), but it still fun. XD The mails from listeners are hilarious too!

So now, let me enjoy my last rest times~ :'3

btw, watched ST☆RISH on Anisama 2012, they're so nigiyaka!! What a lively group of ossans.. XDD And Suzu's Asunaro... めっちゃカッコイ!!!
UtaPri's 2nd season (Maji Love 2000%) has started airing too. They're so hilarious!! And I was so happy watching my princes back~ I missed the UtaPri circumtances, the UtaPri feels.. (/>///<)/ I'm just wishing that Sacchan will show up in this season too~<3
And about Karneval, since I only watched the 1st ep, the only thing that remains on my head now is, "Nai's sooooo cuuttteee!!! A perfect ukeeee~". 8D #slapped

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Sonozaki Wakana (Asuka Rin) - Naturally

Apr. 11th, 2013 | 10:36 pm
Mood: blahblah

Such a long time... 0w0
And here we go again, translation. :'3
By request. Again. XD

This time, it's an OST from Kamen Rider Double, "Naturally", tells the story of Sonozaki Wakana and her marriage with earth. Uh, well. Nevermind. XDD

Kuletakan tanganku di telingamu,
agar kau tidak mendengarkan suara-suara yang membuat luka.
Akan selalu ada hanya di sisimu,
Wonderful World yang memperhatikanmu ini.

angin, dirimu, dan bumi ini.

Heal your heart, by my love
Agar tak ada lagi air mata (lit: Agar/Semoga air mata tak lagi mengalir)
Be with you, by your side
Ingin melindungi hanya kamu seorang
Heal your heart, by my love
Bagaikan angin yang lembut
Be with you, by your side
Merangkulmu dalam lenganku
Coming to you~  So naturally~

Barisan perkotaan, musim, apapun juga,
meski berubah karena RULE yang bernama "Waktu",
meski kau masih bimbang,
Perasaan ini Forever and More

Mari menjadi satu,
Dirimu di masa depan dan bumi ini / Masa depan, dirimu, dan bumi ini. *I'm not sure which one*

Heal your heart, by my love
Karena mimpimu tak akan lagi menghilang
Be with you, by your side
Aku memperhatikanmu secara langsung
Heal your heart, by my love
Seperti angin yang ingin menyembuhkanmu
Be with you, by your side
Kurangkul perasaan cinta ini
Coming to you~

Aku ingin selalu percaya pada keajaiban bertemunya aku denganmu,
untuk selamanya.

Heal your heart, by my love
Agar tak ada lagi air mata (lit: Agar/Semoga air mata tak lagi mengalir)
Be with you, by your side
Ingin melindungi hanya kamu seorang
Heal your heart, by my love
Bagaikan angin yang ingin menyembuhkanmu
Be with you, by your side
Kurangkul cinta ini
Coming to you~

Angin, langit, kota ini, selalu bersamamu~
So naturally~
Mengambang berdua denganmu (lit: bertiup berdua dengan dirimu (bersama angin(?)) *not really sure*)

I can't stop my brain from think about Philip whenever she said "kimi".. :v
Anyway, that's it. It's only a one way translating, without asking any commentary from pro, so please do tell me if there are mistakes. \(>w<)/
Translated by ear, moji by google and with the help of google translate. :3

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Afterwatch: Togainu no Chi

Mar. 2nd, 2013 | 06:11 pm
Mood: amusedamused

So, after Gunji pics flooding in my Tumblr dash for sometimes ago, I decided to watch Togainu no Chi.
I've been interested in this anime since I know Kiiyan though, by looking at the title and Rose Hip-Bullet lyrics... I'm not really into gore thought. I survived for it's Shounen Ai feels. X3

Btw, I... can't write properly this time. :'3
Lost is so cool. And the Null Nicole thingy.. Aw, man, you got the simplest and the most effective weapon! XD
And when Shiki first time came out, I couldn't not hoping that this will be another Tori-Midorin couple.. :'v
And Gunji...
Now I understand why you guys love Gunji.
And I think I need more Rose Hip-Bullet Gunji version.. :'D
Like someone said, Kiiyan is perfect for such chara. :v *slapped* (Nat and Sat is brilliant thought X3)
After them, I interested with Junjun's chara. Rin is so misterious, yet so cute~ X3 (Sounds like Ryuuta huh?)
And I'm surprised when read that Konitan is there too.. I'm still not too familiar with his voice. XD
This is just my opinion but, I don't really like Keisuke. Well sorry, but I do never liked charas like him. But hey, if there's no Keisuke, it won't be a sweet SA story, right? XD

Then I love the ending. I was right, right! It's another Tori-Midorin couple! XD *slapped*
And I'm impressed that the ending is different for each episodes. And I heard OCD too! And I think it's quite a good idea to finish it all with another GR. (And in full english! And such a gore lyrics!! At first I thought it was Gunji's charasong or such.. 0w0)
Now I think I should search for the soundtracks. アニメに大変e-zukaらしいのギターリーフが流れていたぞ!その上、Rose Hip-Bullet slow version!! (*O*)

Anyway, that's all for now. :'3
I'm in a GRANRODEO fever this lately (thanks to the local event which is going to held a Japanese anime movie and concerts screening in theater for a week AND-GRANRODEO'S-SUPERNOVA-FEVER-IS-ON-THE-LIST!! and Rodeo Kurabu episodes).
Gonna watch Kin'iro no Corda next chance. And I'm sure it will be a big genre gap. :v

ほんじゃ~ (^w^)/

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Welcoming the Valentine, While I'm Busy Reading About My Life-Time Husbando :'v

Feb. 13th, 2013 | 10:26 pm
Mood: busybusy
Music: Hayashibara Megumi - Omokage

Re-reading some Shaman King manga I already had, and read KanZenBan dan Flowers as soon as possible (coz grown-up Yoh is cool and Hana is so... so Yoh...?) *\(>w<)/*

Well guys, the Shaman King freak is now back!☆
Let's enjoy the star festival~ :3

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Shed The Loads :3

Feb. 10th, 2013 | 12:04 am
Mood: anxiousanxious
Music: GRANRODEO - Haitoku no Kodou

It's just some things about last week. I feel I have to write this down. Or else I might re-become like her. :3
Maybe it will be disappointing for you who don't understand Bahasa Indonesia but it's 00:00 right now and next day is an extremely-exhausting day (Chinese New Year!!), thought I want to make this story with 3 language. I'll do it later then. :3

...Collapse )

Anyway, Happy Lunar New Year~! Snake year! :3
As usual, wish tomorrow will be raining, 次年の元気と良い運がその雨のように流れて来るように。(^w^)

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Jan. 31st, 2013 | 01:22 pm
Mood: lazylazy
Music: Agnes Monica - Paralyzed

I've been so random this week. (=w=)
Watched Switch Girl!! *except ep 7, just got the link so I'll watch it tonight*;
Watched Sword Art Online *AT LAST!!*;
Watched Rich Man Poor Woman ep 6 only because of Suda;
Watched random Kamen Rider movies;
Randomly watching tumblr dash and fandom ofc sites;
Watched Taiikukan Baby *because I missed Channaka and live-action soft shounen-ai* and will watch Futatsu no Spica tonight;
Searching over old uncompleted files, Sweet Ignition radio mp3, and such...
Randomly ignoring bad-mouthed YUI news and accepting YUI's choices *thought she hasn't tell us officialy, and I'm waiting for it*;
Downloaded Tumbling! vol 1 *because of Suda again* and have not watched it yet;
Checking emails and inboxes thought there's nothing;

This week is..
more like a journey... :3

And oh, kuso, I just remembered that I haven't finished my Crisis Core yet. orz
I'm stuck in the dungeon in a cave *which I forgot the name* and going to beat up a big monster which is locked in a cell *and I'm working on it*~ Sorry Zack, with this condition you won't meet Aerith for a long while... :\

Talking about searches,
I'm still searching for Chiichan's film called "ある役者の恋/Aru Yakusha no Koi". I suspected that this isn't a movie and just like a one-shot dorama and maybe no one knew or recorded it except those in Japan... orz
Still,... Wanna watch Chiichan plaaayyyiiinngg~ (/TwT)/

With this, my yet-to-be-found-list is in a static condition: ある役者の恋, 縁-enishi-, and the old episodes of Choujin Tights.

Is there any possibility of MU to come back alive with the links untroubled?? orz

I'm going to continue watching things, so, bye~ :3
I'll left some pics here. :3
Switch Girl!! (Arata-kuuuunnnn~♥♥)Collapse )
N.B. DragonForce is going to held a concert in Bandung, West Java. And the ticket is only Rp 25000 *likely*... Want to see them but I only know "Through the Fire and Flames" from Guitar Hero. :v
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