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Afterwatch: Togainu no Chi

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Mar. 2nd, 2013 | 06:11 pm
Mood: amusedamused

So, after Gunji pics flooding in my Tumblr dash for sometimes ago, I decided to watch Togainu no Chi.
I've been interested in this anime since I know Kiiyan though, by looking at the title and Rose Hip-Bullet lyrics... I'm not really into gore thought. I survived for it's Shounen Ai feels. X3

Btw, I... can't write properly this time. :'3
Lost is so cool. And the Null Nicole thingy.. Aw, man, you got the simplest and the most effective weapon! XD
And when Shiki first time came out, I couldn't not hoping that this will be another Tori-Midorin couple.. :'v
And Gunji...
Now I understand why you guys love Gunji.
And I think I need more Rose Hip-Bullet Gunji version.. :'D
Like someone said, Kiiyan is perfect for such chara. :v *slapped* (Nat and Sat is brilliant thought X3)
After them, I interested with Junjun's chara. Rin is so misterious, yet so cute~ X3 (Sounds like Ryuuta huh?)
And I'm surprised when read that Konitan is there too.. I'm still not too familiar with his voice. XD
This is just my opinion but, I don't really like Keisuke. Well sorry, but I do never liked charas like him. But hey, if there's no Keisuke, it won't be a sweet SA story, right? XD

Then I love the ending. I was right, right! It's another Tori-Midorin couple! XD *slapped*
And I'm impressed that the ending is different for each episodes. And I heard OCD too! And I think it's quite a good idea to finish it all with another GR. (And in full english! And such a gore lyrics!! At first I thought it was Gunji's charasong or such.. 0w0)
Now I think I should search for the soundtracks. アニメに大変e-zukaらしいのギターリーフが流れていたぞ!その上、Rose Hip-Bullet slow version!! (*O*)

Anyway, that's all for now. :'3
I'm in a GRANRODEO fever this lately (thanks to the local event which is going to held a Japanese anime movie and concerts screening in theater for a week AND-GRANRODEO'S-SUPERNOVA-FEVER-IS-ON-THE-LIST!! and Rodeo Kurabu episodes).
Gonna watch Kin'iro no Corda next chance. And I'm sure it will be a big genre gap. :v

ほんじゃ~ (^w^)/

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