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Apr. 14th, 2013 | 11:11 pm
Mood: calmcalm
Music: GRANRODEO - Crack Star Flash


I've been recovering my genki-ness after a full day of throw-away-all-of-your-energy-and-brains!! event at my campus on last Tuesday. It's called 知識 (Chishiki), from 知=knowledge/know and 識=test. Guess it by yourself. XD

There was a corner where each class had to do a talent show and my class decided to make a little danshiko-based skit and some dance.

I danced to a medley of Miku's Romeo to Cinderella, BtoB's WOW, F(x)'s Hot Summer Jap ver, SNSD's IGAB, Marumaru Morimori, and AKB's River. :v *it was only 4 mins though*.
Well, the point is, to prepare the things, decorations, dance practice, it was all done in a very short time so it drained our energy a lot. While in those times we still have classes and works to do.
Payed off though. 1st! Bravo guys!! :)

So, when weekend's finally arrived, I already planned what I'm going to do; Sleep, sleep, and rest. My body was totally lost to the bed.
And now here I am, ready to face Monday in an hour, listening to mp3s while searching things that I've missed these past weeks and downloading the life supplies~ *you know, stuffs (=w=)

I listened to some Kamen RadiRanger episodes this evening. And now I see why Toei put Kamiyan to pair with Suzu. They are true tokusatsu maniacs!! 0w0 It's fun to hear them blabbering and laughing with nostalgic feels, even though I can't keep up with Sentai(s), but it still fun. XD The mails from listeners are hilarious too!

So now, let me enjoy my last rest times~ :'3

btw, watched ST☆RISH on Anisama 2012, they're so nigiyaka!! What a lively group of ossans.. XDD And Suzu's Asunaro... めっちゃカッコイ!!!
UtaPri's 2nd season (Maji Love 2000%) has started airing too. They're so hilarious!! And I was so happy watching my princes back~ I missed the UtaPri circumtances, the UtaPri feels.. (/>///<)/ I'm just wishing that Sacchan will show up in this season too~<3
And about Karneval, since I only watched the 1st ep, the only thing that remains on my head now is, "Nai's sooooo cuuttteee!!! A perfect ukeeee~". 8D #slapped

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